Retrenched worker to investMTN MoMoNyabo Cash Prize in Farming

A number of people have lost their sources of livelihood due to the Covid19 pandemic. While many struggle to make ends meet as they grapple with the unprecedented financial disruption, MTN Uganda through its mobile money promotion MTN Uganda is giving back to its customers, in the third edition of its annual campaign, MoMoNyabo.

Dubbed MoMoNyabo together, this promotion seeks to help MTN Mobile Money customers rebuild together with their loved ones through encouraging them to share their cash prizes with their loved ones. Every weekday, two lucky people win up to Ugx 5,000,000 million shillings while more 250 people win Ugx 50,000 shillings directly on their phones. To enter the draw, MTN customers simply use the MyMTN app or dial *165# to buy airtime, data or pay for a numberof services directly using MTN MoMo.

30 year old Dorothy Kahubireis one of the lucky people who won Ugx 5,000,000 shillings. The Administrator who was recently laid off her workplace had been stranded at her friend’s place in Gulu during the lockdown.

When contacted by ZaharaTotoo and PatrickoMujuuka, Kahubire was hesitant to believe that she had wonUgx 5,000,000 shillings just like that in such trying times. She however called MTN’s customer care to inquire on whether the number that called her was the official MoMoNyabo number. It was indeed the official MTN MoMoNyabo number and the unemployed Kahubire was a millionaire.

This year, MTN has granted its winners the opportunity to share the money won with another person. In this case, Kahubire chose to share her win with her mother. As she took 3,000,000 Uganda shillings, her mother was given 2,000,000 Uganda shillings.

Dorothy won 5million shillings in the ongoing MTN MoMoNyabo promotion.

The happy Kahubire shared the money with her mother, Joy Nyabimbiri; “She is my role model and to be able to share this with her is my way of giving back to her,” Kahubire said. An overjoyed Nyabimbiri thanked her daughter for her kind gesture over a phone conversation. Upon receiving the Ugx 2,000,000 shillings on her Mobile Money account, Nyabimbiri said that she would be able to pay off her debts.

Kahubire is going to invest her share of the money in farming;“I have always wanted to start rearing pigs and with this I will be able to acquire the pigs that I need to start farming,” she said.

Kahubire said she has always used her mobile money to order for things online, buy airtime, and pay for her OTT tax. She encourages users of MTN to always dial *165# to access the mobile money service or simply download the MyMTN App off play store and apple store to seize this amazing opportunity.

Apart from the winners called in studio, 250 people win 50,000 shillings directly every day. All you have to do is pay using MTN MoMo and stand a chance to win

Use Mobile Money to pay for everything including airtime, data, voice bundles, yaka, water, television subscription and so much more. Watch the live draw game shows every weekday at 8.20pm on NBS TV and Bukedde TV hosted by ZaharaTotto and PatrickoMujuuka. You could be the next winner because with MoMoNyabo together, everyone is a winner.

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