Aramathan Balikowa received his cash prize via Mobile Money, like all the other winners

With the current economic situation presented by the Covid 19 pandemic, many people remain stranded, looking for ways to make ends meet. MTN Uganda through its promotion dubbed MoMoNyabo Together is giving its Mobile Money customers an opportunity to win up to 5 million shillingsevery week day in order to revamp their financial situations. Even more interesting is that the winners get to share their cash prizes with their loved ones or communities in a bid to help one another recover from the pandemic‘s effects together, as suggested by the name of the promotion.

38 year old Aramathan Balikowa won4,200,000 Uganda shillings,having taken part in the MTN MoMoNyabo Together promotion, where all that was required of him was to use MTN’s mobile money service to automatically enter the draw. Balikowa, a family man, farmer and shopkeeper was in shock when ZaharaTooto and PatrickoMujuuka, the show hosts called him, asked him questions that he mostly got right and informed him that he had become 4.2 million shillings richer overnight.

“God has a way He does His things and this is one of them,” an astonished Balikowa said as he received the money he had won from MTN’s Central Region Trade Manager, Jimmy Ssempuuma.

Ssempuuma congratulated Balikowa and thanked him for actively using the MTN MoMo Pay service; “MTN is excited to transform and give back to its customers in ways that will support them during these tough times,” he said.

Balikowa’s friends celebrate his win

Balikowawho doubles as a shopkeeper and maize farmer in Kayungasays that during the lockdown. The businessman cum farmerwas struggling to take care of his family of seven.

Having won Ugx4,200,000 shillings, Balikowa took 2,600,000 Uganda shillings while his friend Rogers Ssemwanga received 1,600,000 Uganda shillings. According to Balikowa, Ssemwanga is a dependable friend who has stood with him during tough times over the years.

Balikowa intends to invest in his maize farm as well as restock his shop while Ssemwanga intends to use the money he won through his friend to revamp his mobile money business since it had been down because most of his clients who are fishermen have been out for work for close to five months.

Balikowa said he frequently used MoMoPay to pay for services like for solar andairtime among others by simply dialing *165# to access the mobile money service. He is now a millionaire.

Ssempuuma encouraged the residents of Galilaya village in Kayunga and all MTN Mobile Money customers to continue using MTN’s mobile money service such that they too can emerge as winners just likeBalikowa.

Ssempuuma further reminded the public that the official MTN number supposed to contact them when they win is 039 -300 -2010. Apart from the two winners called in studio every weekday, 250 people win 50,000 shillings directly every day. To stand a chance to win, all you have to do is pay using MTN MoMo.

Use Mobile Money to pay for everything including airtime, data, voice bundles, yaka, water, television subscription and so much more. Watch the live draw game shows every weekday at 8.20pm on NBS TV and Bukedde TV hosted by Zahara Totto and Patricko Mujuuka. You could be the next winner because with MoMoNyabo together, everyone is a winner.

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