68700 Bicycles to NRM Chairpersons

President Museveni who is also the national party chairman flagged off the distribution of the yellow bicycles on Sunday at the NRM Headquarters in Kyadondo.

“It is now my honor to flag off the bicycles. This should make mobilization easy. Mobilization based on the village is easy because you just cycle or walk to houses to talk to the people,” he said.

Museveni also pledged to increase all political parties’ funding from shs 10 billion to shs30 billion in each financial year to enable them carry out their activities effectively amid financial strains.

“That money is not enough to run the daily activities of the party and also do capital development which means doing new things. We have been managing with a bit of difficulties,”Museveni said.

According to the NRM Director in charge of Information, Publicity and Public Relations, Emmanuel Dombo, Museveni had pledged to donate the bicycles to the party chairpersons and he was fulfilling the same.

“He is answering the pledge he made to the chairpersons sometimes ago when they requested for bicycles to facilitate their transport and supervision of government programs and mobilization for party activities,”Dombo said.

“For us this is a building process towards the climax of the exercise that will see him elected for another term as president in January 2021. This is a very big landmark that should contribute to profile of our candidate in the forthcoming elections.”

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