Besigye’s Plan B

Dr Kizza Besigye, the former president of the Forum for Democratic Change has said that his Plan-B, in the struggle to bring political change in the country will involve mobilising Ugandans to fight for their rights.

Besigye recently declared that after contesting for the presidency four times without success, he had given up on his PLAN-A which involved changing the regime through elections, and moved on to Plan B. However, he did not divulge details on the said plan, leaving Ugandans speculating on his next course of action.

Today he told journalists at his offices on Katonga Road in Kampala, that PLAN B is not a personal or a people’s government plan, but a call to Ugandans who have tested and continue to brave injustices under the current government to rise up and ‘Fight.’  However, he added, “fighting does not necessarily mean violence or returning to the bush.”

Besigye added that his team intends to mobilise persons who have lost hope in the justice system and those who feel powerless to make any respectable decision in the matters of their country, to join the struggle, which he insists is not a plan for every Ugandan.

Besigye cites provisions of article three of the constitution which prohibits any person or group of persons from taking or retaining control of the government. The same article empowers all Ugandans to do all in their power to restore the constitution, once it has been abused.

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