Uganda Prisons has Offered a shs1.5 Million Bounty for each Gun Recovered and shs500,000 for every Escapees Recaptured.

On Wednesday, Dr.Byabashaija visited the prison facility to assess the situation and also get facts about the escape.Speaking to staff, Byabashaija told them that Uganda Prisons has offered a shs1.5 million bounty for each gun recovered and shs500,000 for every escapees recaptured.

“I want to inform the escapees that it is only a matter of time. We are going to get them like those who escaped in Arua were got and even those who escaped in Bukwo. These ones will also be got,” Byabashaija said.

“In Uganda you can’t get lost. Even if you go to a neighbouring country, by collaboration, we shall bring you back. Every day we are picking one by one.”

The Uganda Prisons Commissioner General noted that there were “some errors” inside the prison that caused the mass escape but noted that 16 escapees have since been recaptured and seven put out of action by the joint security team.”

“We had some errors inside the prison and our gatekeeper was not adequately protected which is a structural deficiency. I have instructed my Assistant Commissioner in charge of security to deal with it very quickly. We must protect the gatekeeper with a cage such that prisoners don’t get access to him,” Byabashaija said.

He noted that the prison didn’t have watch towers but added that he has directed that they are constructed to avert occurrence of such an incident in the future.

“If we had watch towers here, of course we would not have had that problem because you shoot directly at the prisons from the watch tower. We are also going to have a double fence.”

The deputy army spokesperson, Lt.Col. Deo Akiiki, last week said following the incident, the UPDF under the leadership of the 3rddivision commander, Brig. Joseph Balikuddembe was called upon to support Police and Uganda Prisons Services and consequently, both infantry and air power were deployed to pursue the escapees.

“Employing both infantry and air power, the UPDF pursued the escapees who had climbed towards Mountain Moroto in areas of Tapach and seven of the escapees were captured,”Akiiki said.

Last week, inmates overpowered prison warders at Singila prison in Moroto District and broke into the armory and took off with 15 guns and ran towards Mt.Moroto.

A number of them have either been apprehended or have been shot dead by the joint security team including Police and the UPDF.

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