COVID-19 SOPs Helping Kyangwali Refugees Overcome Challenge of Diarrhoea

By Leilah Bbaale

There is a reduction diarrhoea cases across Kyangwali Refugee Settlement due to the positive response by the community to hand washing against the coronavirus pandemic, health officials have revealed.

Jonathan Okware, the in charge Maratatu Health Centre II in Kyangwali Refugee settlement, says the coronavirus pandemic broke out in the country and President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni issued directives for hand washing, many community members in the district embraced the practices, which has seen total reduction of diarrhoea cases.

He says on average the health center would register up to cases of 20 diarrhoea each day but they have dropped to one or even none in a day.

According to Okware, each family has set up hand washing facility and wash hands every time something he says was a taboo in many areas. He explains that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic breakout, diarrhoea topped the cases at various health centers in the district.

“The public think they are only fighting coronavirus by washing hands and not shaking hands but they don’t know that they are fighting very many diseases, which is good,” he said.

Sofia Solove and Mwongene Solome residents of Maratatu say the continuous hand washing in their families have helped them reduce diahorrea cases in their families.

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