Residents Engage in Communal Work to Fix Dilapidated Bridge

By Peter Abanabasazi 

A broken bridge on Rwamutonga swamp that links Bugambe and Kitoba sub-counties in Kikuube district has been fixed by residents bringing a sigh of relief to the road users.

According the residents, the bridge connects villages such as Bukerenge and Kimpampati in Kitoba sub-county and Kyarubanga and Isagwa villages in Bugambe sub-county. According to the residents, the bridge has been in a sorry state for the last four years.

The residents armed with pangas, hoes and spades fixed a bridge during community works (Bulungibwasi) was supported with the Bugambe sub-county boss Joseph Kwatiramunda Police who contributed eight culverts.

Denis Muchuguzi and Kusiima Bwaswa some of the residents commended Kwatiramunda for promoting community works.

They claimed that they have complained over the matter to the district leadership in vain.

Meanwhile, Kwatiramunda says that the bridge is supposed to be worked on by the district and commended locals for embracing community work and called residents in neighboring villages to emulate the spirit.

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