Customary Marriage Elders in Bunyoro Meet BKK Officials

By John Bosco Tugume

Enkoko yo’muko (A cock for the brother-in-law) is handed over to the him, before he agrees to usher the groom in the home.

Elders heading customary marriage in Bunyoro region have been cautioned against undermining the norms of Bunyoro during introduction ceremonies.

The Kingdom officials headed by the Prime Minister Andrew Byakutaga, Kingdom Culture Minister Mutiti Nyendwoha, Bruhani Kyakuhaire and others on Wednesday meet heads of traditional marriage elders to dissect on the best practices and norms of traditional marriage ceremonies.

This followed reports that traditional marriage in Bunyoro region no longer follows the traditional norms because it has been infiltrated by westernization and other cultural practices.

Andrew Byakutaga, the Kingdom Prime Minister commended the Abagurisi as locally known but said it was absurd that the core values of traditional marriage in Bunyoro are shrinking saying it was high time to revive it.

Bruhan Kyakuhaire tipped them on the proper traditional marriage norms and practices including the choice of works to use in marriage.

He emphasized on the nine baskets and goats which the groom takes to the in-lows and their meaning.

A committee of eleven members chaired by Fredrick Kakoraki and deputized by Solomon Ayebaale Womugisa was elected to spearhead the revival of Banyoro traditional marriage norms and practices in the region.

Alex Byansi Kabusombo, Hilary Bisoborwa and Samuel Magambo were elected Treasurer, Mobilizer and secretary respectively.

An Introduction Ceremony in Bunyoro-Kitara culture, after a connection is established between the bride and groom to be;  is preceded by a small group of the groom and his immediate family and friends visiting the home of the bride on a familiarisation tour. It is at this event that details of the Introduction Ceremony are agreed upon (Dowery for the Bride, dates of the Introduction, the delegation number, etc).

On the agreed upon Introduction day, a delegation (Usually composed of male parents, aunties, brothers and sisters, relatives, in-laws and close friends) from the groom’s family visit the bride’s home with an appointed spokesman (Usually an Elder with a good command of culture and Runyoro Dialect ) to represent them in various negotiations with the Brides family.

The groom’s family is welcomed by their hosts and ushered into the compound by Omuko (a brother, or a close male relation of the bride) from the bride’s family. On arrival, Enkoko yo’muko (A cock for the brother-in-law) is handed over to him, before he agrees to usher them in.

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