Covid-19 Still in Uganda, MOH Warns

By Leilah Bbaale

The ministry of health is set to carry out a countrywide scientific study called a  Sero-Survey to ascertain the intensity and prevalence of Covid 19.

This comes at a time for the past days, the country has registered a drastic reduction in the number of positive cases as opposed to earlier anticipation that the numbers would multiply due to the election period.

This has made many assume that the country has successfully managed to combat the pandemic.

However the ministry’s spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyona warns that covid 19 is still around asking Ugandans not to get complacent.

He says it is still too early to speculate about the status of the pandemic adding that its only the survey results that will guide on the true picture.

A Serosurvey is a collection and testing of serum (or proxy such as oral fluid) specimens from a sample of a defined population over a specified period of time to estimate the prevalence of antibodies against a given specific infectious pathogen as an indicator of immunity.

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