Evelyn Lagu’s kidney transplant fails

By J-Tinah

Evelyn Lagu

Singer Evelyn Nakabira aka Evelyn Lagu flew to Turkey a few days ago for a kidney transplant.

She was hoping to come back with a new kidney from her son who offered to give her one of his. However, Doctors’ have revealed that Lagu’s current health condition cannot allow for a successful transplant.

According to Lagu, doctors’ advised her to be on dialysis for the rest of her life.

She also has been advised to have treatment which is worth $20,000 however she only has $10,000.

The struggling singer has once again started begging for money from well-wishers to help her get the medication she needs.

“We carried out tests here and they told us that one week will be enough for us to receive results from the tests. Yes, we have received the results but Doctors have revealed my life is not in the right state now to go on with the transplant. So they are insisting that I have to keep on dialysis for the rest of my life. But before going back to Uganda they want to give me a treatment that is going to cost me 20,000 USD but now we only have 10,000USD. So that is what is happening. I’m just here confused. I need your help,” Lagu revealed.

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