Gender Ministry Orders for Verification of Over 1400 Covid-19 Beneficiaries in Hoima City

By John Bosco Tugume
A total number of 1400 beneficiaries of Covid-19 relief from Hoima Oil City have been rejected by the Ministry of Gendor, Labour and Social development for payment.

Samuel Kisembo, the Hoima Oil City Resident Commissioner and chairperson for the Covid-19 taskforce admits the report saying the details for the 1400 would be beneficiaries were rejected after finding mismatching information regarding their nationality, names and NIN numbers on their identity cards and phone contacts among others.
According to him, names are being verified by security and town clerks and they shall be re-submitted to the ministry to ensure they receive their cash soon.

Out of the 9460 people whose details were submitted to receive the covid-19 cash from Hoima Oil City, only 7837 had received the sh100,000 by Wednesday afternoon.
According to Kisembo, names of 25 potential beneficiaries have been rejected completely and will not receive the money.

Kisembo however calls for calm among those who haven’t received their cash saying the money will be wired on their mobile money shortly.
He says the process is very transparent and copy of those who have already received the money is out for cross checking.

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