EC Dispatches Team of 20 Lawyers to Tackle Electoral Petitions

By Leilah Bbaale
The Electoral Commission has deployed a team of 20 lawyers to tackle election petitions arising out of the recent general elections.

In an interview with Spice FM, the head of Litigation at the Electoral Commission Eric Sabiiti said that they received 182 complaints which include 155 cases filed formally before various High Court circuits in the Country, from both Parliament and Local Government elections.

Lawyer Patrick Wetaka will lead the EC team to Mbale High Court which received the highest number of cases. The court has a list of 31 petitions from different constituencies in Eastern Uganda. The team in the central region will be led by Hamidu Lugoloobi, while Sabiiti will lead the team in Western Uganda.

Sabiiti also confirmed that they have hired a few external lawyers to beef up the EC legal team and adds that a lot of work is being done to dispose of the cases.

The Commission is largely accused of having failed to organize free and fair elections which allegedly resulted in bribery, election fraud and false declaration of results of those whose victory is being challenged.

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