1000 Kikuube Flood Victims Languishing in Abject Poverty

By Leilah Bbaale
More than 1000 flood victims in Kikuube district are languishing in abject poverty. The affected people were displaced from their homes by floods triggered by the rising water levels in Lake Albert in March 2020.

The flood victims are drawn from Nsunzu, Nkondo, Kyakapere, Buhuka and Nsozi landing sites in Buhuka parish Kyangwali sub-county. They have currently taken refuge in churches, schools and under trees while others have established makeshift structures.

Since experiencing the disaster in March, the affected people have never received any relief support from the government despite making several pleas. Jackline Atimango, a mother of five wonders why the government has ignored their plight.

John Karingo, a resident of Nsonzi landing site, says that the floods submerged his five houses and he currently stays with his family members in the neighbouring Church of Uganda-CoU building since he has nowhere to go. He wants the government to find land and resettle them.
He wonders why the office of the prime minister has opted to send relief items to flood victims in Hoima, Buliisa and Kagadi districts and ignored them.

Florence Natumanya, the Kikuube Woman MP wonders, why the office of the prime minister has not considered flood victims in her district yet, they are undergoing untold suffering.

Last month, while in Buliisa district, the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja revealed government plans to resettle 3,500 flood victims in the district.

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