Community Medical Centre Masindi Faces Closure Following Death of Two Expectant Mothers in One Week

By Leilah Bbaale
Dr Patrick Baguma, the District Health Officer (DHO) Masindi, has vowed to temporarily close Community Medical Centre, a private health facility in Masindi town, following reports of two maternal deaths in a space of one week.

The DHO in a briefing to Masindi district Covid-19 task-force said that the delay to refer expectant mothers to Masindi district general hospital was the main cause of the deaths.

“They did not refer them in time; in fact they were delayed unnecessarily. Therefore they died on arrival at the Masindi district general hospital,” Dr Baguma charged.
Dr John Turyagumanawe, the Bunyoro region Covid-19 response coordinator backed the impending step to be taken by the DHO to close the Community Medical Centre.

He also said they need to work together to improve the referral system, noting that delays to refer patients has led to loss of many lives in both private and government health facilities.

However, Dr Leonard Kadima, the Director Community Medical Centre in Masindi denied responsibility for the death of the two mothers.

He told our reporter that he was only aware of the death of one mother who passed on after being brought while in a critical condition.
Dr Kadima said he immediately referred her to Masindi district general hospital where she died upon arrival.

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