Local Gov’t Ministry Rejects Proposed Site for Construction of New Karuguuza Market

By Leilah Bbaale
Officials from the Local Government Ministry through the Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement Program-MATIP-2 have rejected the proposed site for the construction of Karuguuza Modern Market in Kibaale district. The market is to be constructed with funding from Africa Development Bank.

The government under the MATIP-2 is set to construct a Sh25 billion modern market in Karuguuza town in Kibaale town council which is expected to accommodate over 500 vendors who are currently operating at Karuguza daily market that is situated in Ruguuza cell, Kibaale town council.

Kibaale town council and other stakeholders in the district had earlier on unanimously agreed that the new market be constructed on the land accommodating Kibaale Taxi Park in Kiziizi cell, Kibaale town council.

But during a survey on Monday, Geoffrey J.J Ettedu, the National program coordinator for markets under MATIP-2 rejected the proposed site saying the funding guidelines point out that construction of a new market should be done on the land hosting the already existing market (Karuguuza Daily Market) with its existing leadership, active vendors, electricity, water and land among other requirements.

Ettedu recommended that all plans should be changed to focus on the existing Karuguuza daily market and that Kibaale town council should immediately engage the stakeholders to mobilize vendors and share the new changes.

Joseph Saazi, the LC3 chairperson together with Peter Nsamba Poel, the Acting Principal Town Clerk Kibaale town council have expressed the need for maximum support from all stakeholders on the fresh consultations concerning changes.

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