Prices of Construction Material in Hoima on the Increase

By Leilah Bbaale
Prices of construction materials have gone up in Hoima city causing anxiety among builders and residents. Affected items include sand, stones, murram and bricks among others.

The cost of truck of plaster sand is now sold at 180,000 Shillings, up from 150,000 Shillings while transport fares for a truck trip of bricks has also increased from 80,000 Shillings to 100,000 Shillings.

Brian Mujuni, the chairperson Hoima Truck Association, explains that the increment was triggered by the rise in fuel prices, as well as taxes levied on fuel, Motor vehicles and spare parts. He adds that the cost shoots further up depending on the destination of the buyer.

A litre of Petrol is now sold between 4000 and 4250 shillings at fuel stations across the region. Diesel is sold between 3900 and 4050 Shillings.
Speaking as chief guest during a meeting for the truck drivers held at Red Cross hall in Hoima town, the former Hoima district chairman George Bagonza urged drivers to exhibit discipline while executing their work if they are to succeed.

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