Police Hunt for Man who ‘Vaccinated’ 20 Victims with Fake Anti-rabies Vaccine

Police in Kiira region, is hunting for Fred Kangawo, a clinical officer attached to Kakaire health center III, over vaccinating dog bite victims with fake anti rabies vaccines.

It is reported that, 20 children suffered from dog bite injuries on Tuesday evening and they sought anti rabies vaccines from Buwenge health center IV on Wednesday.

The victims’ parents say that the health workers were not readily available at the facility, but they interfaced with Kangawo, who offered to vaccinate them at a cost of 25,000 Shillings per victim, which they agreed to pay.

Abdullah Nabbanjji, whose four year old daughter suffered from dog bite injuries says that he first rushed her to Buwenge general hospital but the vaccines were not available, he was referred to Buwenge health center IV instead.

Nabbanjji stresses that, the facility had no standby health workers on duty, save for Kangawo who offered to vaccinate them, but, he was shocked by the revelation from the administrators of the health facility, who informed him that his child received fake vaccine dosage instead.

However, the health facility’s officer in charge, Wilson Mwanja told journalists on Thursday that, there was no requisition of anti-rabies vaccines from their stores on Wednesday.

Mwanja argued that anti-rabies vaccines are stored in cold chain system and it was impossible for anyone to easily purchase them from pharmacies, which raises suspicion that the victims might have received fake vaccines.

Mwanja further vowed to investigate the manner in which a non-staff member would infiltrate the facility’s health system and attend to patients, yet the attendance schedule reflects the presence of 27 health workers on that, particular day.

Jinja’s resident district commissioner, Elijah Madoi says that, he has directed police officers to investigate the matter and arrest Kangawo, alongside all his accomplices, suspected of involving themselves in syndicate rackets to frustrate efficient health service delivery to the grassroots populations.

Meanwhile, Kiira police region’s spokesperson, James Mubi says that, they have opened up a general enquiry file and the suspect will face three counts of impersonation, fraud and forgery.

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