Hoima East Division Authorities Want all Houses Connected to NWSC Sewerage Line

By Peter Abanabasazi
The Hoima East division council has resolved that all houses in the central business area be connected to the NWSC sewerage line.

During a council meeting held at Hoima Kolping hotel chaired the divvisiion speaker Lawrence Katwesige, council gave the landlords up to February next year to have adhered to the directive.
Abu Busobozi, the secretary for social services and councilor for Northern Ward says most of the houses in the business centre have no sanitary facilities hence many people use polythene bags.

The Hoima East division Deputy Mayor Alice Nyangoma says land lords who will fail to adhere to the directive will be penalized saying the move is intended to improve sanitation in communities.

During the council sitting, councilors also agreed that all street vendors will be evicted from the streets by January 2, 2022 so as to have sanity in the central business area.

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