Royal Commission Asks Chief Prince to File Formal Complaint Against BKK Premier

By Leilah Bbaale

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Royal Commission has promised to investigate the governance and accountability issues raised against the Kingdom Prime Minister Andrew Byakutaaga and two of his cabinet ministers.

In a letter dated February 2, 2022, the royal commission chairperson Stephen Kabagambe Kaliisa has tasked the Chief Prince Okwir Fred Mugenyi Rucunya to formally submit to the commission his complaints with supporting evidence within two weeks from the date of this letter.

This comes days after the Okwir in a January 30th, 2022 letter ordered the Prime Minister Andrew Byakutaaga, the attorney general and finance minister to immediately vacate office.

In the letter, the Babiito clan members accuse Byakutaga of lack of transparency and accountability for the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom resources pointing out the fraudulent and dubious cash withdraws and expenditures without the approval of the Kingdom finances.

They also fault the prime minister for the gross mismanagement of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom assets and property including the destruction of Bugoma central forest reserve, Muhangaizima cultural site, royal burial sites in the greater Kibaale, Katasiiha Fort historical site, and Miduuma burial ground in Masindi.

But, the Royal Commission chairperson says the Okwir cannot be the complainant, investigator, prosecutor, judge and hangman hence he should file a formal complaint to the commission such that he and the accused kingdom officials are given a fair hearing and thereafter the findings will be shared with the Orukurato, cabinet, okwir and Omukama for action and implementation.

He adds that the commission reaffirms that the PM and the cabinet ministers are legally in office and carrying out their roles as assigned by the Omukama and that the powers of the king shall not be usurped by an individual.
Kabagambe also adds that the Royal Commission shall not condone the abuse of office by officers of the kingdom.
The Royal Commission was instituted by H.M Omukama effective August 2017 to aid in streamlining operations of the kingdom.

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