Kabwoya Residents Want Government to Establish Primary Schools to Improve Education

By Peter Abanabasazi
Parents and local leaders in Bubogo Parish in Kabwoya sub-county, Kikuube district want government to establish a government aided school in their area to promote education of their children.

The parents claim that lack of a government aided school in their vicinity has denied many children a chance to attain primary education.

Denis Maniriho, the chairperson for Ikoba II village says that Kajonga primary school in Kirafumbi sub-county and Kabwoya primary school are located in a distance of more than 10km apart.
He notes that leaders have for several times promised to establish a school in the area in vain adding that the area has been neglected in regards to education.

He adds that the distance is unbearable for children between five and ten years of age adding that many children of the vulnerable parents are kept at home and this has resulted to child labor and early marriages.

Alex Byesi, the district councilor for Kabwoya sub-county says parents established a private community school built with mud and wattle.

He notes that the school structure is in a sorry state because parents have no money to build permanent structures. He adds that the school has an enrolment of 600 children.

He adds that because of the financial incapability, the school which was established 10 years ago enrolls about 100 children in primary one each academic year but those who complete primary seven are only 20 children.

Byensi is optimistic that if the government takes up the community school, the learning environment will rapidly improve and many children will be withdrawn from child labor.

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