Meet Garbanzo, real name Katamba simon

Garbanzo is a specialist in social media marketing who knows the ins and outs of it. He is aware of the basics of marketing through social media channels, understands different social media tools and analytics
Most people don’t understand the different steps you have to undertake for your advertising to work.

They don’t know that success in the social media arena comes from realizing that social media is about
connections and interactions between people. You need to provide value on social media, more specifically, targeted value. What do I mean by value?

Well, I mean something that the people that you want to follow you want to see in their feed. Not a sales pitch, but something that gives rather than asks. Figure out how your business can give your audience something they want. Let’s take a boutique for example You could write and share an article with an outfit of the week. This article would give people inspiration for what to wear.

One thing that you could do in that article is a link to all of the pieces that you are featuring, both the pieces that you carry and the other vendor’s pieces of clothing. This gives people an easy way to buy what they are looking for.

You also want to target the value that you are providing so that it gives the most to people that are looking for it. Using the boutique example, the people on Facebook are probably looking for something different than on Instagram. On Facebook, you might want to write a post that is equally centered on the words, but on Instagram, your main focus is going to be on the picture. Think about how your audience uses the platform and what they are looking for on that platform to better provide value. When you give, people will be more inclined to purchase. Remember that.

Garbanzo was born on August 09 2001 in Mpigi, Uganda. He grew up in Mubende district where he was raised by his single mother Mrs. Ssanyu Annet

Early life and education
Garbanzo attended St Joseph Primary school Mubende for his primary level and Standard College Nsangi Senior Secondary
School for his secondary level.

According to Garbanzo, most people do not understand how to grow their social media and that’s where he comes in.

For a young guy who started out hustling on the streets of Kampala, Garbanzo has a lot to write in the book of achievements.

This year, Garbanzo has set sights on releasing his first single.
Garbanzo plans to achieve more music success this year and he as a plan for it. He asks for your support and believes

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