SAD!! 88 people Die In 431 Accidents in just One Week across the country

The Police’s Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety says that a total of 431 road crashes occurred across the country in the past week.

74 accidents were fatal, a report says. 213 were serious, while 144 were minor incidents. 441 road users were involved in the accidents. Of these, 352 were left with serious injuries.

According to Michael Kananura, the directorate’s spokesman, 33 incidents involved motorcycles. These involved nine passengers and 24 riders.

Kananura revealed that 30 pedestrians have lost their lives in these accidents, shedding light on the broader safety concerns faced by road users.

According to Kananura, the primary causes behind this alarming surge in road incidents are careless overtaking, over-speeding, tailgating, disregarding traffic directions, sudden maneuvers at junctions, roundabouts, and crossroads, as well as distracted driving, which have emerged as the principal contributors to these unfortunate incidents.

The Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety, alongside law enforcement agencies, is calling for immediate action to address issues of road carnage.

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