“Sheebah is not talented” Cindy Mounts More Attacks On Sheebah

Dancehall female singer Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy is not about to cease the fire between her and nemesis, Sheebah Karungi. The Boom Party singer has continued to mount more attacks on the Bwe Paba singer.In the aftermath of their battle, these singers were expected to calm down their beef and at least try to get along directly or indirectly. Sheebah came out and appreciated Cindy for consenting to their battle.

Queen Karna showed no interest in furthering this beef. Perhaps what happened before and at Kololo should have stayed behind them.

However, apparently, the self-styled King herself is not ready to cease fire. In the wake of Sheebah’s appreciation for their battle, the singer said that it was Victoria University who hired her. Therefore, her gratitude was to them and not Sheebah. Now via a local TV interview, she decided to add more damage.

She said maintained that Sheebah is not talented at all. However, she has huge respect for her skill which has enabled her to keep pushing to succeed.

Furthermore, the former Blu 3 singer added that the battle was Sheebah’s best performance ever. In fact, the former Obsessions singer outdid herself. The only problem comes with the comparison as the UMA president believes she’s out of the league of the UNMF vice president.

On the same note, the mother of three said that the former TNS singer had one of the best bands in the country, Maestro Band. However, she made them look bad because of her bad singing.

“I want to maintain that Sheebah is not talented. But I have huge respect for her because she’s been able to skillfully push herself to success without talent. For our show, it was the best she ever did. The only problem comes in when they try to compare her with me. I’m out of her league. Besides, she had one of the best bands in the country but made them look so bad because of lack of talent.”

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