“I am retiring from emceeing to focus on talent management and other family businesses” MC Kats To Retire From Mceeing This Year

Legendary media personality and emcee Katamba Edwin also known as MC Kats is set to retire from mceeing this year 2023. He said he is ready to let the young generation take over as he focuses on other things that make more money.

The emcee has been in the game for close to twenty years. He has even worked on different media houses doing different shows.

At the moment he is working at NBS television doing the NBS after5 show. He is also emceeing at some clubs and different concerts.

According to MC Kats, he thinks he has outgrown emceeing. He said he’s going to focus on talent management and some other businesses for his family.

He said he is having a two-day concert of emceeing. It will be a wrap for his career as he lets the young ones take over.

“I am retiring from emceeing to focus on talent management and other family businesses. I want to give an opportunity to the young generation to also try their talents. And I have done enough and at the moment I even have some NGOs that want me to help them with some work,” he said.

It should be noted that MC Kats is managing his baby mama Fille Mutoni. He said he wants her to be among the best female musicians in Uganda like she was some time back.

He also talked about wanting more time to rest as he is doing some little work that is more impactful to the lives of the young generation.

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