Daniella Atim Explains Why She Separated from Her Husband Jose Chameleone

There has long been speculation surrounding the separation of Chameleone and his wife, Daniella, with rumors suggesting domestic violence as the cause.

It was believed that Daniella had to flee the country with their children due to repeated physical assaults by Chameleone. She has now been living in the United States of America for over three years.

However, in a recent interview with a YouTuber, Daniella finally opened up about the real reason behind their separation – Chameleone’s alcohol addiction.

Chameleone’s excessive drinking had taken a toll on his health, leading to multiple hospital visits due to stomach and liver problems, all attributed to his alcohol consumption.

Last month, he was admitted to a hospital in the USA for the same issues, prompting his father to implore him to quit alcohol for the sake of his own longevity. Daniella and Chameleone, despite their separation, continue to share six children.

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