“People should not cry when I die” Pherrie Kim, Former Club Guvnor Publicist, Unveils Distinctive Funeral Wishes”

It’s clear from the information provided that Pherrie Kim, a former Club Guvnor Public Relations Officer and Publicist in Uganda, had specific requests regarding her burial arrangements and how she wanted to be remembered. Some of these requests included:

No Photos Printed: Pherrie Kim requested that her photos should not be printed on shirts, calendars, or other merchandise for her burial. This suggests that she wanted to maintain a level of privacy and did not want her images to be used in any commercial or memorial context.

No Mourning: In 2018, she made a statement on Facebook, expressing her wish that people should not cry for her soul when she passed away, as she believed she would be in a better place.

This request indicates her desire for a more celebratory and positive atmosphere during her funeral, rather than a mournful one.

Pherrie Kim is described as kind, loving, respectful, and God-fearing by her friends, and her passing has had an impact on the entertainment circles in Uganda.

She will be laid to rest at her ancestral home in Katale, Seguku, in accordance with the arrangements made before her death. May her soul rest in peace.

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