Pastor Wilson Bugembe Suspends Celebrity Sunday Services

In an unexpected turn of events, Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Worship House has temporarily suspended the much-loved Celebrity Sunday services. This weekly event, which was known for hosting a variety of celebrities, has been put on hold for a specific reason.

Bugembe has shed light on his decision, explaining, “I used to welcome celebrities on Sundays, but I had to stop because they often required restroom facilities that we couldn’t provide.”

The pastor expressed that the lack of adequate facilities had put him in awkward situations, necessitating this temporary suspension.

Currently, Bugembe is overseeing significant renovations at his church, and he took the opportunity to express his deep appreciation for the generous individuals who have supported this vital endeavor.

Looking ahead, he revealed his plans, stating, “By next year, our renovations will be complete, and we will happily resume hosting celebrities as we’ll have proper restroom facilities in place.”

These revelations came to light during an exclusive interview with a local tabloid, which took place at a youth camp held at the church premises in Nansana, Kampala, on October 14, 2023.

Pastor Bugembe’s commitment to both his congregation and the celebrities who frequented his services remains unwavering, with the promise of a more comfortable and welcoming experience awaiting all in the near future.

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