Irene Ntale Reveals Reasons for Declining Vinka’s Video Shoot Request : Reflecting on Swangz Avenue Days

Songstress Irene Ntale recently shed light on the reports surrounding her decision to decline Vinka’s request for a joint video shoot, back when the two were not only good friends but also professionally linked as Ntale’s manager at Swangz Avenue.

In the early days, Vinka transitioned into active music, releasing “Stylo,” a track featuring the talented Nkubukinze crooner, Irene Ntale. However, when the time came for the video shoot, Ntale appeared disinterested.

Initially, she hesitated to participate, leaving Vinka, who considered them best friends, on the verge of tears. When Ntale eventually arrived on set, her attitude left much to be desired.

” My friend came with an attitude… and I didn’t know why… My friend came with an attitude… At the time of my video shoot, she had already started changing, and I didn’t know why. She is refusing outfits they’re giving her.

I got emotional. During the shooting, Irene decided to leave the set and she left. She threw a tantrum and left. I cried at the shoot,” Vinka had shared during that time.

When asked if she had wronged her fellow singer in any way, Vinka expressed her confusion, admitting that she still didn’t understand what had transpired between them.

Irene Ntale, responding to a fan’s questions during a Q&A session, dismissed the allegations as mere rumors, choosing not to delve into further details of what might have gone wrong.

In her reflection on the past, Ntale revealed that life was harmonious during her time at Swangz Avenue until her aspirations led to a turning point.

This marked the beginning of a tumultuous period in her career. Eventually, the “Sembeera” singer left the record label, and her journey took a different direction.

Swangz Avenue currently boasts a roster of exceptional talents such as Vinka, Elijah Kitaka, Winnie Nwagi, and Azawi. To truly appreciate Irene Ntale’s remarkable talent, one needs to delve into the archives and rediscover her contributions to the music industry.

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