Prima Kardashi Reveals About the Impossibility of Reuniting with Geosteady again

Kampala’s prominent businesswoman and socialite, Prima Kardashi, has unveiled the stark truth that reconciling with her ex-boyfriend and father of her children, Geosteady, is an impossibility.

Despite sharing more than eight years together and two beautiful children as co-parents, their romantic chapter concluded in 2019 as they ventured into new relationships.

While Prima embarked on a relationship with radio presenter Mr. Henry, Geosteady continues to be happily involved with his girlfriend, Hindu Kay, with plans for an official union.

Their post-breakup journey has seen Prima and Geosteady oscillate between friendship and discord. There were moments when they exposed each other’s past on social media, creating anticipation of a possible reconciliation. Yet, the recent revelation from Prima dispels any such hopes.

In a recent interview, Prima Kardashi unequivocally stated that she envisions no future with Geosteady, firmly quashing any speculation of them rekindling their romance.

She candidly remarked, “Me and Geosteady getting back together isn’t anywhere in my next life, it’s not possible. In fact, you should get it off your minds.”

It’s worth noting that Geosteady cited Prima’s alleged violence as the primary reason for their separation, opting for a fresh start rather than enduring ongoing conflict.

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