Regrettable Cancellation of late Evelyn Lagu’s Charity Concert: ‘Light a Candle for Evelyne Love'”

The much-anticipated charity concert, “Light a Candle for Evelyn’s Love,” organized by the late singer Evelyn Lagu’s son, Fred Kasavu, has regrettably been called off.

Before Evelyn Lagu’s passing, she had been diligently working on this philanthropic event, aiming to connect with her fans and raise funds to cover her medical expenses. Tragically, Evelyn didn’t live to see her vision come to fruition, passing away just a few days before the scheduled concert.

The organizing committee, which included prominent figures like Mesach Semakula, Fifi Da Queen, Dianah Nabatanzi, and others, had initially pledged to carry on with the concert, with the proceeds intended to support Evelyn Lagu’s son.

However, the organizing committee recently faced a difficult decision. The previously agreed-upon date of November 5th coincided with another show by Aromatic Entertainment.

This clash led to a heated dispute with Aromatic Entertainment, who believed that Evelyn’s charity concert at Papa’s Spot was an attempt to rival their event.

In an effort to avoid further conflicts within the industry, Mesach Semakula, a respected figure, decided to cancel Evelyn’s charity concert. He has urged those interested in supporting the cause to reach out to Fred Kasavu through social media or by phone.

The cancellation came as a disappointment to many, especially those who had already purchased tickets and were eagerly anticipating the event.

Despite this setback, the organizers maintain a positive outlook for the future and have pledged to pursue the cause when artists can work together towards the same goal.

Mesach Semakula emphasized that Evelyn’s charity concert had a broader purpose beyond assisting her son. It was also meant to promote peace and harmony within the industry, with the hope that artists would support each other when the need arises. However, it seems that the industry may not be ready for such a collaborative approach at this time.

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