“TUKOOYE OTUSWAAZA” NBS Journalist Hatmah Ssekaaya Criticizes Sheila Gashumba’s poor dressing

The recent Kampala Style brunch, organized by A Bryanz, has stirred quite a buzz this week, with discussions revolving around the fashion display at the event.

While many fashion enthusiasts attended the gathering to showcase their unique styles, it was Sheilah Gashumba who managed to steal the spotlight, albeit for somewhat controversial reasons.

Gashumba’s choice of attire, a see-through dress, has left a trail of mixed reactions, with numerous social media users expressing their disapproval, including news anchor Hatmah Ssekaaya.

Hatmah took to Twitter to share her disappointment, calling out Sheilah Gashumba and her companions for what she perceived as indecent dressing. In her tweet, she went as far as likening them to bedroom objects.

However, Hatmah didn’t stop there; she also voiced her concerns about the broader societal implications of such fashion choices.

She suggested that a certain group of individuals prioritizing modernization over cultural values may contribute to the world’s ongoing challenges.

The controversy surrounding the Kampala Style brunch doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions and critiques, as various personalities face scrutiny for their wardrobe selections at the event.

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