Bad Black is now ready to have a baby with boyfrien Asha Panda

In a surprising declaration, the controversial socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa, widely known as Bad Black, has openly stated her readiness to give birth to her lover, Asha Panda. The mother of four has revealed that their five-year relationship has prepared them for this next step as faithful partners.

Bad Black emphasized that she was not in a hurry to have a child with Asha Panda; instead, she wanted to savor the romance and fun they shared for a substantial period. However, she now feels that the time is right for them to start a family since they have a deep understanding of each other.

Mama Jonah also explained that she delayed giving birth because she wanted to maintain her youthful freshness for years to come. She promised to stand by Asha Panda through all the ups and downs that life may bring.

So, if you happen to see Bad Black expecting a child next year, it won’t come as a surprise, as she has made her intentions clear.

In addition to her family plans, Bad Black addressed her past disagreements with blogger Ritah Kagwa, clarifying that there is no lingering animosity between them. Both individuals have moved on from their previous conflicts, despite some past disagreements.

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