Families Fight over Henry Katanga’s Burial Place as wife Molly is still in ICU

In a somber turn of events, tragedy struck as Henry Katanga was found lifeless in his bedroom at his Mbuya residence, a bullet wound to his head casting a shroud of sorrow over the community.

Beside him in the bedroom was his wife, Molly Katanga, who sustained severe head injuries and currently battles for her life in the Intensive Care Unit.

The family members, who were present when the gunshot rang out, were left in shock and grief, grappling with the profound loss and the critical condition of Molly Katanga.

Amidst the heart-wrenching circumstances, an impassioned plea for justice began to resonate among mourners during the funeral service.

Notably, some of the speakers, including Katanga’s elder sister Naome, struggled to contain their emotions as they called for a thorough investigation into the tragic incident.

Naome and Katanga were the sole surviving siblings, as they had already bid farewell to seven others. In her tearful address, she conveyed the profound sense of loss and isolation that now enveloped her and their 91-year-old mother.

“Henry was the last remaining pillar of our family; he meant the world to us,” Naome lamented. Despite the prevailing sentiment that some mourners were better off remaining silent about the circumstances of Henry’s untimely demise, she emphasized the futility of suppressing the truth.

“Some of you are suggesting we should refrain from discussing what happened, but the voice of the people cannot be stifled. The truth will always find its way into the light,” Naome declared, echoing the sentiments of many who sought answers and justice in the wake of this painful loss.

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