Mbuya bedroom death puzzles UPDF generals and netizens Leaving Many Questions Unanswered

In the affluent Kampala suburb of Mbuya, a chilling and heartbreaking scene unfolded on a Thursday morning, as first responders arrived at a horrifying incident.

They were met with the sight of a man, Henry Katanga, with a fatal firearm-related head injury, and his wife, Molly, barely clinging to life with a shattered skull beside their marital bed.

Since that fateful morning, the community has been buzzing with speculation and rumors. During the funeral service held at All Saints Church Nakasero to honor Henry Katanga, Ugandans were urged to exercise caution and refrain from making hasty judgments.

Maj Gen Sam Kavuma, a close friend of the deceased and deputy coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation, addressed the mourners, emphasizing the need to allow the police to conduct a thorough investigation.

He reminded everyone that it’s premature to draw conclusions about the tragic incident that unfolded in the bedroom of a couple who had shared their lives for over three decades.

The community is still grappling with the shock of the shooting. Just the weekend prior, Henry Katanga, as the patriarch of the family, had joyfully given away his eldest daughter in marriage.

Described by many as a successful businessman, Katanga had recently assumed the role of treasurer in a 20-member investment group.

One of his fellow members in the investment club, Lt Gen James Mugira, the managing director of National Enterprises Corporation, praised Katanga’s unwavering integrity in all his endeavors.

Lt Gen Mugira further reflected on the fragility of life, mentioning how even prominent figures in history met untimely ends at a young age, such as Patrice Lumumba at 35, Thomas Sankara at 37, and Che Guevara at 39.

He acknowledged Henry Katanga’s contributions, stating, “Henry has played his part. Two weeks ago, the family’s happiness has now turned into profound sorrow.”

As the community grapples with the loss, numerous questions loom large, and answers remain scarce. State Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Bright Rwamirama, who is also the deceased’s uncle, expressed his difficulty in addressing the matter in the absence of conclusive information.

Mr. Rwamirama recognized the natural inclination of people to speculate in the face of uncertainty and urged the authorities handling the case to expedite their investigation and provide clarity.

The mourning and remembrance of Henry Katanga will culminate with his burial at his ancestral home in Kikatsi, Nyabushozi, Kiruhura District.

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