Was Alien Skin washed with poo on stage?

Singer Alien Skin had a challenging experience during his recent performance when he was allegedly targeted by NUP supporters who showered him with waste products while he was on stage. As he entertained the enthusiastic audience, an unexpected downpour of unpleasant substances rained upon him.

Alien Skin’s team and security personnel swiftly intervened to address the situation, but regrettably, their response came too late. The singer, visibly upset, had to be cleaned up in the midst of his performance.

This incident is believed to be the work of NUP supporters, a group known for their habit of taunting and confronting those who voice dissent or criticism against their beloved leader, Bobi Wine.

Notably, similar incidents have occurred in the past, targeting other musicians such as Bebe Cool and Big Eye, though in their cases, the attackers used bottles instead of waste products. Alien Skin, who has previously exchanged verbal jabs with Bobi Wine, has maintained that he does not depend on the NUP leader for his career’s success.

Furthermore, Alien Skin revealed his intentions to exit the music industry and delve into politics by joining the Fangone Unity Platform in December. It remains to be seen whether this incident will compel Alien Skin to seek reconciliation and attempt to mend his relationship with Bobi Wine, as Big Eye did, or if he will continue to maintain his independent stance.

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