How Zari’s hubby Shakib seduced Zari Hassan into marrying him Latest Stories

In a heartwarming revelation, Shakib ‘Cham’ Lutaaya has emerged as the husband of Ugandan-South African-based businesswoman Zari Hassan. Their unique love story, as shared in a recent interview on Uganda’s UnCut show, sheds light on the enchanting journey that brought them together.

Shakib confided that he had held a profound interest in the mother of five for a considerable period. He revealed that he initially attended her annual White Parties in Uganda in the hopes of catching a glimpse of her. His dedication to winning her heart eventually led him to make the life-changing decision to relocate to South Africa five years ago.

One fateful day, Shakib followed Zari when she was en route to the mall. It was during this momentous encounter that he mustered the courage to introduce himself.

Their paths crossed once again, and Shakib took the opportunity to express his feelings to Zari. Subsequently, they met in Uganda, where their friendship blossomed into a deep and enduring relationship, culminating in a joyous marriage.

Recently, the couple celebrated their nuptials in South Africa, a momentous occasion that was met with great anticipation. Zari Hassan shared that the rights to their wedding had been acquired by Netflix for airing during the upcoming season of the “Young, Famous, And African” reality show.

She also revealed that her former partner and the father of her children, Diamond Platnumz, would make an appearance on the third season of the show, scheduled for next year.

In an unexpected turn of events, Diamond Platnumz and Shakib crossed paths. Zari narrated that Diamond had expressed a desire to meet her husband, particularly since he was spending a significant amount of time with their children. Remarkably, the meeting between the two men was characterized by a remarkable level of cordiality.

Zari commented on the encounter, saying, “I think it is us women who like rope-pulling, but for the two men, they were very cool about it.” She continued, “Some time back, I remember I sat down with Diamond, and when I told him I was married, he said he wanted to meet my man.

He knew the kind of person that was spending more time with his children than him. Then I talked to Shakib about it… I asked him if he was down with it, and he said yes. In the end, it was the easiest thing to do.”

This story of love, respect, and harmonious coexistence serves as a heartening testament to the power of understanding and cooperation in blended families.

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