SAD! Mother kills her two children, and buries them in the sitting room

In a deeply unsettling turn of events, the police in Jinja have apprehended Mwase Rose, a 27-year-old mother hailing from Buwajinaikazi village in Jinja district. She is now facing allegations of the double murder of her two children.

The young victims have been identified as Babirye China, a 5-year-old, and Claire Sowati, a 1-year-old girl. Tragically, they were reported to have been murdered and subsequently buried in the family’s very own sitting room.

According to the police, the harrowing incident took place around October 27, during a time when the suspect’s husband, Kagoda Paul, was away, engaged in casual work in Ngongwe, Buikwe district.

Upon Kagoda Paul’s return on October 30, he was met with an empty home, with his wife as the sole occupant and their two children nowhere to be found.

When he questioned Mwase Rose about their whereabouts, she failed to provide a coherent account, leaving him deeply concerned. To seek answers, he turned to their neighbors, who reported that they had last seen the children playing around the house three days earlier.

Driven by suspicion and anxiety, Kagoda Paul conducted a thorough search of their residence, which led to a chilling discovery. In the sitting room, he found a concealed area where his two daughters had been buried.

In light of this horrific revelation, the mother was promptly apprehended and handed over to the authorities at Budondo police station.

Subsequently, the police launched a comprehensive investigation, enlisting the assistance of a team of forensic experts from the Kiira region, who revisited the scene on October 31.

During this reexamination, the body of the elder sister, Babirye China, was discovered buried. However, the investigation took a macabre turn as the body of the younger sister, Claire Sowati, was found to be missing its head. Shockingly, the severed head of Claire Sowati was also recovered.

In the wake of these horrific findings, the suspect now faces two counts of murder, leaving the community in shock and disbelief over this deeply disturbing incident.

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