“Mother alive, baby alive” – Pregnant woman gives birth to bouncing baby girl inside passenger bus

In a heartwarming incident that sparked discussions among passengers, a pregnant woman unexpectedly gave birth to a healthy baby girl while traveling, aboard a passenger bus.

A video capturing the remarkable moment has garnered significant attention, with onlookers gathering to witness nurses assisting in the impromptu delivery.

The woman who documented the event in the video confirmed that a fellow passenger, who happened to be pregnant, successfully delivered her baby inside the bus. Both the mother and the newborn baby girl are reported to be alive and in good health.

Accompanied by the caption “Mother alive, baby alive, passengers rejoicing. GOD DID, a sweet bouncing baby girl,” the video showcases the joyous atmosphere on the bus following the miraculous birth.

Following the video’s circulation on the internet, well-wishers flooded the comments section to express their congratulations and celebrate the new mother’s unexpected but joyous delivery.

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