‘Shakib told me to ask Zari about giving him a child’ Ray P Sets the Record Straight

Ugandan TV host Precious Remmy, popularly known as Ray P, recently addressed the controversy arising from her interview with Zari Hassan.

In the interview on the ‘Uncut Show’ on Sanyuka TV, Ray P asked Zari about her plans to have a child with her husband Shakib Lutaya.

However, Ray P asserts that her question was harmless and made in good faith, unlike the persistent harassment she has faced regarding her own plans for motherhood.

Ray P, an actress and media personality, garnered attention last week when she emotionally expressed her frustration at a press conference about the incessant media commentary on her fertility.

Despite receiving support, she faced criticism on social media, with some suggesting she deserved the negativity due to her past interactions with other women.

Clarifying her intentions, Ray P emphasized that she never meant to be hurtful to Zari or her husband. She revealed that it was Zari’s husband, Lutaaya, who encouraged her to pose the question. According to Ray P, the inquiry was made in a joking manner, and Zari responded comfortably.

Ray P further clarified that she is not struggling to have children, dispelling misconceptions that may have arisen during the emotional press conference.

She explained that she and her US-based husband, Raymond Bindeeba, made a conscious decision to postpone having children until the right time.

“My husband and I had a plan because we did not get time to date properly, and even now we are not living together. We gave ourselves time because children, when they come, can be a big task,” she stated. Ray P hopes that her clarification will put an end to the speculations and provide a better understanding of her perspective.

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