“Eddy Kenzo was a dictator “- Sophie Nantongo Opens Up About Her Issues With Eddy Kenzo’s Federation

In a recent revelation, renowned artist Sophie Nantongo has opened up about her reservations regarding fellow singer and president of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), Eddy Kenzo. Nantongo expressed her dissatisfaction with Kenzo’s leadership, portraying him not as a visionary leader but more as a dictator.

Eddy Kenzo established the Uganda National Musicians Federation in May 2023, appointing Sheebah, Pallaso, and Juliana Kanyomozi as deputy leaders.

The federation initially attracted numerous musicians who shared a common goal of advocating for copyright laws. However, over time, some artists started distancing themselves from the federation, citing unfulfilled promises and inadequate actions.

Critics of the federation, including some artists, have accused Eddy Kenzo of pursuing personal gain and allegedly attempting to secure government funds for his own benefit.

Sophie Nantongo, who was once part of the federation, has now come forward to shed light on her experience within the organization.

Nantongo highlighted her discontent with Eddy Kenzo’s leadership style, emphasizing that the singer often speaks without careful consideration. She recalled a specific incident where Kenzo’s choice of words conveyed a sense of dictatorship rather than collaborative leadership.

“Sometimes, you want to tell someone something, but the way you bring it out might be the problem. I have no issue with Eddy Kenzo or the federation, but when I heard him use the phrase ‘Twabawambye,’ I felt like it was dictation,” shared Sophie Nantongo.

As the music community navigates through these internal challenges, Sophie Nantongo’s revelations bring to light the need for transparent and inclusive leadership within the Uganda National Musicians Federation.

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