“Akram is just an attention seeker” Chozen Blood Defends Baby Mama Over Akram’s Prostitution Allegations

Singer Chozen Blood has stepped forward to support his baby mama, who faced derogatory remarks from Dr. Kulthum’s husband, Akram Gumisiriza, who labeled her a prostitute. Notably, Kulthum and her husband serve as the landlords of the residence Chozen Blood rented for his child’s mother.

The dispute unfolded last month when Akram confronted Chozen Blood’s baby mama, seeking rent payment. The altercation escalated, leading both parties to record and share abusive videos on social media.

In a concerning turn of events, Akram’s video even featured Chozen Blood’s three-year-old daughter, a move criticized for its inappropriateness. The singer, who has kept the identity of his child’s mother private, had not previously revealed her to the public.

While initially staying silent, Chozen Blood has now spoken out to defend his child and the baby mama. He characterized Akram as an attention seeker, emphasizing that Akram’s actions are driven by a desire to stay in the media spotlight, despite lacking any substantial content.

“He is an attention seeker. I didn’t see any reason why they would even record my three-year-old daughter, who had nothing to do with the argument,” expressed the singer, highlighting the unnecessary involvement of his child in the dispute.

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