“I Was So Hurt when Mr Henrie Called Me Uneducated on His Show, He Later Wanted to Host Me” Eddy Kenzo Opens Up About Hurtful Remarks on Mr. Henrie’s Show

Singer Eddy Kenzo has expressed his dissatisfaction with comments made by Galaxy FM presenter Mr. Henrie during a recent radio talk show. Kenzo, who serves as the President of the Uganda National Musicians Federation, voiced his frustration over what he perceived as undermining remarks questioning his education.

The incident unfolded during The Deep Talk show, where Mr. Henrie reportedly quizzed an artist under the Uganda National Musicians Federation about the decision to elect Kenzo as their president, raising concerns about his educational background.

Visibly upset by the comments, Kenzo shared his perspective on the incident, stating, “That thing pained me a lot, especially when the same presenter later invited me to his show; I turned him down.”

This incident comes amidst Kenzo’s 15-year-long music career, during which he claims to have faced consistent negativity from the media. Kenzo alleges that reporters are often paid to ask questions intended to portray him negatively in the public eye.

Reflecting on his experiences, Kenzo explained, “You find that there is a reporter who is in your face wherever you turn; they are following you everywhere. And whatever chance they get to ask you a question, it is always in the interest of other people who sent him.”

In response to the ongoing challenges and perceived bias, Eddy Kenzo has decided to take a step back from the media limelight.

The award-winning artist, known for his significant contributions to the music industry, hopes that this hiatus will afford him the space to navigate his career without the burden of unfair criticism.

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