Side dish Alison Anna Nadiope Demands shs 2Billions alyoke akilize embaga ya kyabazinga

In the midst of anticipation for the royal wedding between Busoga King, William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope, and his chosen bride, Inebantu Jovia Mutesi, a storm is brewing as Alison Anna Nadiope, based in the United Kingdom, claims to be the official wife and demands Shs2 billion in compensation.

Alison Anna, through her lawyers Mugerwa and Partners Advocates, petitioned the Church of Uganda, urging them not to officiate the wedding, citing her civil marriage with the Kyabazinga in the UK. She insists that she and the king share two children and celebrated their civil union in December 2016.

In an exclusive interview, Alison Anna reveals she invested significantly in the king, totaling up to Shs750 million since they met in 2015. She demands Shs2 billion in compensation, stating, “I can’t now let another woman enjoy the fruits of my sweat.”

Alison Anna claims to have proof of her financial contributions, including buying roofing material worth Shs9 million and sponsoring the king’s extravagant lifestyle, including weekly hair expenses of Shs500k and Shs600k for massage.

She alleges to have supported the king’s studies, covering the cost of his PhD studies and paying workers at his farm Shs390k monthly.

Alison Anna also points fingers at the kingdom’s Prime Minister, Joseph Muvawala, describing him as a fraud manipulating the king’s decisions. She believes Muvawala orchestrated the king’s decision to marry Inebantu Mutesi and accuses him of sinister motives like land grabbing.

The Church of Uganda has acknowledged receiving the petition, and the situation remains uncertain as the nation awaits the decision of the Church regarding the royal wedding.

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