“I have no problem with Alien Skin or the boys he moves with” MC Kats Opens Up About Reconciliation and Moving Forward with Alien Skin

Renowned media personality and emcee, Katamba Edwin, popularly known as MC Kats, has shed light on the status of his friendship with singer Alien Skin. The two initially connected during the singer’s viral hit, ‘Sitya Danger,’ but encountered issues along the way.

Despite collaborating on a song with Fille Mutoni, who happens to be MC Kats’ baby mama, the fallout led Alien Skin to express his reluctance to release the track.

Tensions escalated when Alien Skin’s associates reportedly removed Kats from the stage during one of Geosteady’s concerts.

In a recent interview, MC Kats, with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, shared a valuable lesson he has learned over the years – the importance of not harboring grudges.

Expressing his stance on the matter, MC Kats revealed that he has forgiven Alien Skin and harbors no ill will toward him, though the past events are not forgotten.

The seasoned entertainer emphasized the significance of moving on from such incidents, highlighting his maturity in handling conflicts.

“I have no problem with Alien Skin or the boys he moves with. What happened happened. As a person who has been in the music industry for so long, I know the importance of moving on from such incidents.

If I meet Alien Skin, we can greet each other, and we don’t go beyond that,” Kats stated, showcasing a balanced approach to reconciliation and maintaining a sense of professionalism in the industry.

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