“I am too beautiful to be single and I will never be a nakyeyombekedde” – Spice Diana on Motherhood Plans and Relationship Status

Popular songstress Spice Diana has shed light on the reasons behind her decision not to have children just yet. The “Siri Regular” singer revealed that while many have been praying for her to start a family this year, she doesn’t understand why people believe it’s the right time for her.

Speaking candidly, the Source Management artist expressed her belief that she might even have twins in the future. However, her current priority is to settle down and find a partner who will fulfill the role of a supportive father for her future children.

Growing up with a single mother, Spice Diana emphasized how challenging life can be without a father figure, and she is determined not to subject her children to the same experience.

Addressing speculation about her relationship status, the singer confirmed that she is indeed in a relationship, asserting that her beauty makes her too captivating to remain single. She dismissed the idea of being a ‘nakyeyombekedde,’ emphasizing her desire to wait for the right time to start a family.

“I don’t know why people have been wishing and praying for me to have a child this year. Am I looking so ripe that I might fall off yet? Levixone and Pallaso also prayed for me to have a baby. I won’t say I’m a virgin, but when the right time comes,

I will surely have a baby. Actually, I feel like I will be a Nnalongo as I will give birth to twins. However, I want to have children with a man who is ready to be with me and there. I grew up with a single mother and I know how tough it is. Therefore, I can’t do that to my children,” Spice Diana explained.

In addition to her personal life, the singer also addressed rumors about her potential entry into politics. While not ruling out the possibility, she mentioned that she would consult with leaders like Bobi Wine.

Despite the consideration, Spice Diana humorously noted that the idea of being called “Honourable Spice” sounded amusing to her, indicating that a political career might not be in her immediate plans.

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