IT HAS ALREAD ENDED IN TEARS | Pr Jengo no’Mugole we bawukanye lwa bwenzi

Nearly two weeks ago, Pastor Andrew Jengo, the son of the late Pastor Yiga, publicly introduced his partner, Fifi, to the congregation during a Sunday service at Revival Church Kawaala. However, recent reports suggest a turbulent turn of events in their relationship.

There are indications that Pastor Andrew Jengo has grown suspicious of his wife, suspecting her involvement in adultery. This suspicion has led him to actively monitor her activities.

It is alleged that earlier this week, Pastor Jengo tracked Fifi to Salaama Road, where he reportedly discovered her engaged in a sexual affair with another man, leaving Jengo profoundly disappointed.

Only at the beginning of this month, Jengo had plans for an introduction ceremony and a wedding scheduled for November 2024. The recent developments cast a shadow over the previously anticipated union.

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