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Woman living with a disability has shared the heart-wrenching experiences of her relationships with men who professed love. Joyce Kansime, facing a physical challenge, narrates how men, after pledging love, take advantage of her vulnerability, only to abandon her once she becomes pregnant.

Joyce, a resilient single mother, expresses the deep burden left by these men who initially promised to support, protect, and care for her. Despite the challenges of being physically challenged, she perseveres in providing for her children.

Recalling her origin, Joyce discloses that she was diagnosed with tetanus, leading to her paralysis after receiving medical treatment. Surprisingly, her physical condition did not deter men from approaching her with promises of a fortunate and prosperous life. However, each time, they left her burdened with the responsibilities of single parenthood.

Joyce’s story mirrors that of Bilha Wanjiku Njuguna in Nairobi, abandoned by her lover, who returned to her parents’ home after giving birth to triplets. The revelation of having triplets, not twins as initially believed, added to Bilha’s already substantial challenges as a single mother of four.

These stories shed light on the struggles faced by women living with disabilities, emphasizing the strength and resilience required to navigate through heartbreak, abandonment, and the demanding responsibilities of single parenthood.

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