Enakuzino bba wa Vivia Tendo , Moses Tinsley yafumba | Ayanukudde abamujelega

In a heartwarming display of partnership, Moses Tinsley, husband to renowned singer Vivian Tendo, recently addressed criticism surrounding his decision to take charge in the kitchen. Approximately a week ago, Tinsley shared delightful snapshots of himself preparing a meal for his wife and their children at the Gloryland orphanage center.

The images triggered a flurry of discussions among netizens, questioning the unconventional choice of Tinsley as the cook and even expressing curiosity about his choice of pajamas for the culinary endeavor.

Responding to the critiques, Tinsley raised a thought-provoking question: “Must one wear a suit to pretend to have a perfect life while cooking?” He emphasized the importance of breaking free from societal stereotypes, urging people to recognize that the act of cooking can be shared without conforming to traditional roles.

Tinsley passionately argued that men are fully capable of not only cooking but also handling domestic responsibilities such as washing dishes and babysitting, all while managing their work commitments.

He challenged the notion that certain tasks are gender-specific and reiterated that a collaborative approach to life’s journey leads to a more fulfilling and harmonious partnership.

Addressing concerns about his choice of attire during the cooking session, Tinsley emphasized that the focus should be on breaking free from stereotypical mindsets.

He pointed out that the ability to cook, clean, and perform various roles is not contingent on adhering to predefined norms.

In a final flourish, Tinsley highlighted the absurdity of clinging to outdated gender roles, humorously stating that he did not break any limbs while cooking.

His message serves as a powerful reminder that true partnership involves shared responsibilities, where neither partner suffers while the other enjoys the journey of life together.

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