TEMUTUMANYIIRA!! Pastor Jengo and Fiancée Confront and Clarify Breakup Speculations

A wave of emotions swept through Revival Church Kawala yesterday, Sunday, as Pastor Andrew Jengo and his fiancée, Fiona Kyomugisha, took the stage to address recent reports circulating last week that suggested they had parted ways.

The rumors, initially sparked by radio host Isaac Daniel Katende, also known as Kasuku, claimed that Pastor Jengo had discovered Fiona with another man at a hang-out spot along Salaama Road. Allegedly, he had called off their engagement after tracking her using a phone tracker.

In a passionate response to the incident, Pastor Jengo revealed that he first learned of the news at his home on Thursday morning, with numerous missed calls from journalists.

Despite initially considering ignoring the rumors, the situation escalated on social media later in the day, prompting him to instruct his mother, who was with Fiona at their country home, to confiscate Fiona’s phone to shield her from the news.

By Friday morning, Fiona had become aware of the reports, leading to a conversation between her and Pastor Jengo. He recounted reminding her of his initial reservations about introducing her to the public and expressed his disappointment in the situation.

Pastor Jengo went on to disclose that the false reports originated from a church member who had recently faced unemployment, suggesting that fabricating the rumors might have been an attempt to gain financial support.

Calling upon media outlets to retract the inaccurate reports, Pastor Jengo emphasized the need to minimize the distress caused to Fiona and her family. The couple stood united against the false claims, aiming to set the record straight and move forward from the ordeal.

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