Bambi David Lutalo agudde enume yekigwo ku stage nga ayimba

Singer David Lutalo found himself in a mix of sympathy and laughter as he experienced a dramatic fall during a recent performance, leaving revelers divided in their reactions. Dressed in a suit, Lutalo slid and landed with a thunderous thud, with his audience reacting in varied ways.

Some took a light-hearted approach, joking that it might be a “NUP course,” referencing the recent backlash the singer faced from NUP (National Unity Platform) supporters.

Several weeks ago, Lutalo received social media criticism from NUP enthusiasts who interpreted his statements as insults. During a performance in Mbarara, he asserted that he is not a politician and emphasized the separation of music from politics.

The NUP foot soldiers reacted strongly, but Lutalo rebounded with the release of the popular “Babongote” song, which has garnered significant success.

In a surprising turn of events, the incident has even paved the way for a concert scheduled for January next year, showcasing Lutalo’s resilience in the face of social media challenges.

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